Cosy Winter Weekend

There is something about January and cosy weekends – especially when the weather is cold and it’s snowing – like it 2cosyhas in Yorkshire this weekend. Its dull, damp and dark pretty much all weekend and here are some of my top “cosy” tips for surviving through these back-end winter days.

Winter walks: Despite the cold I do like to go for a walk every day, especially as we have a dog. Walking is good for the mind and the soul, and fresh air can clear a fuzzy head. I have been for two walks these weekend – one on Saturday and one today. Yesterday we were lucky – the sun came out and I really appreciated the snowy views across to Queensbury as we don’t always get wintery weather – winters are normally wet and windy in Yorkshire. Today I was not so lucky as it was sleeting/snowing when I was out – but the silence when walking in snow is something I love. The roads are quiet with hardly any cars around. The silence is good – in this fast and hectic life we all lead – we don’t get a lot of it so I really appreciated it and it gave me a chance to think and clear my mind.

Cosy clothing: I love cosy clothes. Period. Big warm jumpers, warm fluffy socks, comfy slippers, hats, scarves, gloves and thick coats. They make dark dismal weekends much more bearable and they are perfect for lounging around the house or for going out and facing the cold.

Candles: I LOVE CANDLES. I love everything about them. They brighten up a dark corner. They provide soft and subtle lighting and just make the house feel “homey”. My current favourite is a three-wick candle from Asda in the smell “Tranquil breeze” – I just can’t get enough, and it was only £3! I also have some gorgeous tea light holders that were a present – and they look amazing when lit.

Fairy Lights: People believe that these are just for Christmas Time – I don’t agree at all and use them all year round. I have some battery-operated ones in a kilner jar on my shelf. I also have some plug-in ones in a lantern on my side. They add that extra “cosy” subtle lighting to the room – especially as I HATE bright lights.

Throws: A big comfy throw is perfect on these dark, cold nights – especially if sat reading a book or watching the TV. I love my massive teddy bear material throw that I bought from Dunelm Mills a couple of years ago – and snuggle up on the sofa with it every night.

Chocolate: Need I say any more? I am a self-confessed choc-a-holic and love a good bar of chocolate. There is something really comforting about the creaminess of chocolate that makes you feel cosy and satisfied.

Hot Drinks: I love tea. I drink tea a LOT – and it has to be Yorkshire Tea – as I am from Yorkshire after all. I’m not a big lover of coffee as the caffeine makes me feel shaky. I have also been drinking cocoa with hot milk recently – which my gran always used to make for me over the hob in her saucepan. It takes me right back to my childhood when I make it – back to her kitchen on a Saturday night sat in the chair desperately waiting for her to hand me a cup.


TV/Films: I watch a lot of TV in the winter – be it films or TV shows. This weekend I have watched a lot of the programmes I love on catch up and the hubby and I watched a horror film last night (the first in a long time) Jeepers Creepers 3. It was quite good (despite me having a recurring nightmare about the creeper since I saw the first film years ago!)

Hot Baths/Showers: They are just amazing to warm you up and make you feel nice and clean. I make sure I use some lovely shower gel/bubble bath currently of year as my skin gets so dry due to the cold weather. The best thing about having a hot bath or shower is putting on some cosy pyjamas afterwards!!

So, there you are – some of my tips to survive these horrible and dark days/nights. The good news – not long to go now until it will start to feel much more spring-like

Take care of yourselves

Katie x x x

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