Getting Organised and being more Action-focussed!

So,  one thing I have really been getting my head around recently is getting more organised in all aspects of my life. I found that last year I procrastinated A LOT which although at the time seemed right – actually looking back it wasn’t the best. Things slipped that I should have been on top of and so I decided to start sorting things out, setting myself goals and ensuring I followed through on things in a timely manner. I have also made sure that the house is more organised – “tidy house – tidy mind” mentality. As a result – I feel more on top of things as well as feeling fresher and lighter – so here are some of the things I have done over the past few weeks which I hope you may find useful.

  1. Cleanout: I realised I have a LOT of stuff. Its amazing how much clutter you accumulate over the years. I cleared out cupboards in all rooms in the house, cleared out my wardrobe and got rid of so much stuff. I even cleared out the garage. All this clearing resulted in trips to the charity shops and to the tip and I couldn’t believe how much space I created for myself! When clearing my wardrobe, I went with the mantra “if I haven’t worn it in the past 9 months – then chances are I won’t again, so it went!
  2. Clean up: I cleaned every nook and crany in the house to leave it smelling clean and fresh. Now I am a bit obsessive when it comes to cleaning and always clean up every week – however I don’t clean out the kitchen cupboard every week nor the cupboards up high in my bedroom – but even they had a spring clean. Made my house smell and feel all clean and new.
  3. Paperwork sort out: The sheer amount of post we get – bank statements, bills etc. is ridiculous!!! I went through it all and shredded a lot of old stuff – and bought some new files and folders. I clearly labelled everything and as a result I have a nice and tidy shelf! I didn’t even have to spend a lot – the folders and expandable files are all from Wilkos and do the job well.
  4. Checking renewal dates: As part of the sorting of the paperwork, I also checked the dates that my insurance is due to expire as well as when my current energy deal is due to run out. I now have reminders in to ensure that when these are almost due – I can go on and look for some new (and maybe cheaper) deals.
  5. Noticeboard: I invested in a cheap and simple corkboard noticeboard for in my kitchen to ensure that we keep on top of appointments and other things, and also use this as a reminder to chase things up etc. Again – this didn’t cost a lot and came from Wilkos – can’t beat a bit of Wilkinson’s on not only price – but quality as well!

I still have a few things to sort out – such as cleaning the car both inside and out – however the weather has been rubbish recently so that can wait for warmer days – well either that or I pay someone to valet the car for us!

I have also decided that this is the year we will become more action-focussed when it comes to sorting the house out. There are a few projects that I want us to complete this year – and they include: finishing off the hallway, stairs and adding, decorating the front box bedroom and sorting out the front and back garden.

Within my personal life there have also been some appointments I have been putting off, however this year I have taken the bull by the horn and booked these in and got things moved. All in all, I feel much more organised than I ever have been!!

I hope you find some of these tips handy and have taken some inspiration from them

Until next time

Katie x x x

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