Has Spring Sprung…….????

Not sure if you have noticed or not – but all of a sudden, the seasons appear to be changing. This is good news as it means Spring is on the way and I have noticed a few tell tale signs that this is happening. I know its still cold (I prefer the cold, sunny and bright days to the dull, rainy dark days) but it does give me as I don’t know about you – but I am SICK of the winter now. I am sick of it being cold. I am sick of having to wear a million layers of clothing when I leave the house. I am sick of the dog getting soaked and muddy when we walk him and having to clean him when I get home. I am sick of the heating been on. I just want warmer and brighter days where its light until late at night and brighter when I wake up. I know this takes some time to come around again – but I have noticed that the below signs mean that time of year is almost upon us:

Birds chirping: when out walking the dog on a morning before work – I hope noticed that the birds are chirping. I love this sound – especially as on a morning when there aren’t a lot of other noises and it outs me in the best mood for the rest of the day. I have also bought some bird feeders and now have these in numerous places all over the garden.

Brighter on a morning: The past couple of weeks when getting up and driving to work – its been lighter and brighter. Again, this puts me in a great mood as I hate getting ready for work and driving to work in the dark!!!!

Light when leaving work: Its light at 4.30pm when I leave work. Its not pitch-black walking to my car. I can see where I am walking. I love it so much. Don’t get me wrong – I do like the dark sometimes – but I crave the light! Part of me wishes that I could hibernate all winter like some animals do!

Daffodils: Daffodils are on sale in the supermarket. They are starting to grow again in the woods. I love it when this happens. They are one of my favourite flowers and make everything seem happy and bright.

Snowdrops: The snowdrops are out. I don’t have any in my garden (as we have gravel as I am not the best gardener) but have seen them in other people’s gardens and parks.

Buds on trees: I didn’t really notice this until I was walking in the woods at the weekend. There are buds on the trees – a sign that the trees are growing again.

My grandad always used to say that the worst weeks of the year for dark, depressing days/nights were the six weeks in the run up to Christmas and the six weeks after – and he knew as he was a milkman who delivered milk every day for all his working life. I must agree with him – he was a very wise man and I am so glad spring is on the way!

Until next time

Katie x x x x

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