The Power of Google

One thing that I have really noticed recently is the the power of Google and how much people rely on the internet. I use it all the time – when a question pops into my head that I need to know the answer to (this could be anything from the history of the Hollywood sign – which popped into my head when I was watching “Friends with Benefits” the other night to the release date of a DVD) or when I need to know how to do something – mostly when I am at work and I need to know to format something!

It got me thinking just how much we now rely on the internet and social media to complete everyday tasks – from shopping (amazon is fabulous obviously as are the apps for the supermarkets to order your online shopping because lets face it who wants to go to the supermarket when you don’t have to?) to learning how to play an instrument (there are so many videos on YouTube which can teach you how to play the piano!) to meeting new potential life partners (the rise of dating websites). I mean we rely on it so much – what would we do without it? If the internet died tomorrow – would half the world even know how to function? Answer – probably not!!

I class myself as lucky – I grew up before the internet and mobile phones actually existed (I was thirteen when I got my first phone and it was massive and only did the basics such as sending a message or making a phone call!) and therefore I learnt how to do a lot of things without needing to look at a website for the answer. I spent so much time outside playing out and socialising. I spent time in libraries researching topics for my homework.

I remember getting our first PC – and we had a piece of software called “Encarta” which was a digital multimedia encyclopedia and I thought it was brilliant and so far ahead of its time – how wrong I was!

I remember the time of dial up internet – and if someone wanted to ring my mum on the house phone – i had to be kicked off the internet!! and friends used to call me on the house phone. Ours was based at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway and i remember spending HOURS on the phone to my friends sat on the bottom step of my mum and dads house!

The younger generations of today I feel in some ways are so lucky – my 9 year old niece can actually work my phone better than I can – but i also feel sorry for them and like they have missed out on such a big part of growing up. No one knows the pain of sitting in front of a screen waiting for the dial up internet to work – only to get a busy tone and spend ages trying and trying again for it to load up and praying you would get on to speak to your friends on instant messenger!!!

Anyways apologies for the random blog post- it’s something that’s now been on my mind for so long I just had to document it. Until next time

Katie xxx

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