My love of Crafting

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved crafting. From a very young age i watched my Grandma knit. She was an avid knitter and I had so many knitted jumpers from her when I was younger. I think I may have a picture somewhere of my and my little brother in Rosie and Jim knitted jumpers! My grandma also used to knit my jumpers for school. At the time – I thought it was really uncool – however I would now give my right arm to someone if it meant I could have some of her knitted jumpers and cardigans to wear – especially as the weather here in the UK has been so cold recently. between her and my mum they taught me to knit, sew and cross stitch (never crocheting – although I would love to learn) and its something in my life that I keep going back to.

I was a Brownie and my local Brownie group met at my first school in the school hall. I actually earned my sewing and knitting badges as a Brownie. Brownies also taught me how to finger knit. I used to love finger knitting. I could sit with balls and balls of knitting wool and finger knit forever. I can fondly remember sitting on the canteen worktops at Brownies finger knitting with my friends. We would sit and knit and talk for hours (I can only imagine what we talked about – i mean we were 8 to 9 years old at the time!) and i used to take mine home and beg my grandma to give me some more wool so I could keep on finger knitting. I used to wrap it all up in a big ball and see how big the ball could get.

My mum also taught me how to make pom poms with wool. Pom poms are now a huge trend and next weekend I will be popping out to get some wool and some cardboard to make my own!

Since my grandma died in 2016 –  I have been trying to figure out what crafting activity i could do that she taught me. I decided to take up cross stitching again – and have already completed two patterns already –  a bear (which will become a key ring when I manage to get hold of a key ring that will fit the finished pattern in) and a cupcake. I have attached the images below. The kits were quite cheap from Hobbycraft (£1.50 for the cupcake and £2.50 for the bear) and the packs come with everything you need to complete them (thread, needles etc.).

My next challenge is to complete a Cross Stitch Love Cushion (£10.00 from Hobbycraft) which I have started and I know that it will take me a while but it will look so good when its complete.

Another craft I learnt when I was younger was Latch hooking. My mum got a kit MANY MANY years ago and she made a start making a rug with two dogs on. She kept going with it however I then took over and finished the rug. Between us it must have taken us over ten years to finish. I was in Hobbycraft recently and picked up a Latch hook cushion making set (£12.50) and I will then make a start on this as well.

I just love starting, doing and completing projects like this. I am so excited to finish the cushions so I can figure out where to put them in the house and then look at what I can do next.

I would love to know what crafting projects you have done and what you enjoy doing, and if there is anything you can recommend for me to do.

Thanks and until next time

Katie x x x

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