I have a confession to make…………… I am planning for Christmas already!

That’s right – you read correctly I am already planning for Christmas. Some may call me sad, some may think I am weird, some may even think I am crazy – but I think I am just being organised (especially as being really organised was one of my New Year’s resolutions – be more organised and action-orientated). I love Christmas. I love everything about it. I love the atmosphere – in houses and shops with the buzz of the festive spirit. I love decorating the house and putting the tree up. I love driving around on the dark nights and seeing everyone’s lovely Christmas lights. I love Christmas films. I love the hype and the build-up. I love wrapping the presents and seeing people’s reactions when they open them up. I love it all. But the one thing I HATE is the craziness and madness in the last few weeks in the build-up of running around and buying presents and making sure everything arrives on time and the panic when you think you may not get that one perfect present for someone. So, as part of my resolution to be more organised – I have already started. I bought the majority of my Christmas cards in the January sale and have already bought my first present (a bit early in March I know but the present was such a good deal that I couldn’t resist!)

So what else am I planning to do throughout the year to help be organised when it comes to Christmas? Well I will share with you below:

  • Buy a new tree: we need a new Christmas tree this year. I don’t have real trees in the house as we have a dog as chances are he will use it as a toilet and the oils in the fur tree can be toxic to dogs. The tree we had was old and falling apart, so when the tree came down it went straight to the tip. This year I want a bigger pre-lit tree (saves on the hassle of unwinding lights) and have a reminder in June to start looking for a tree.
  • Buy new decorations: I used to work for a company that supplied Christmas products into a huge UK retail store and as a result my Christmas decorations are either samples or competitor samples that I have bought in staff sales (at marginally reduced prices) and they are now looking a bit dated and old. Therefore this year I have promised myself new tree and room decorations and as crazy as it may seem – there are online stores where you can purchase Christmas decorations all year round. I also know that in some countries there are Christmas shops that are open all year around (there is one in Berlin called Kathe Wohlfart) and I really want to go!!
  • Buying Presents: Rather than the mad rush at the end of November/beginning of December – if I am out shopping and see a present that I know someone will love – I will be buying it and putting it to one side until then (I just hope that I remember where I keep it and don’t forget where it is come Christmas!)
  • Making presents: This year I am planning on making/pulling together some presents for certain people in my life (I won’t name names as I know some of them read this blog therefore I don’t want to give anything away) that are a bit more homemade and thoughtful therefore I am already planning what they will be and when I will need to make them!
  • Lists: I have a Christmas planning notebook and when ideas pop into my head I write them down straight away, so I don’t forget them!

So, if after reading this you think I am a crazy Christmas lady – then yes you would be right to think that because I sure am – but I also hope in some way it helps you feel a bit more inspired to be more organised

Thanks, and until next time

Katie x x x x

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