Easter, Eggs and my top ten favourite chocolate bars

Happy Easter everyone. This weekend has been the Easter weekend holiday. A time to celebrate. Some people follow the religion traditions that surround Easter such as ending their fast (end of Lent) and attend church services. Some people spend time with family eating food. Some unfortunately have to work. The biggest tradition is exchanging gifts – mostly chocolate Easter Eggs.

The hubby and I always buy each other an egg. This year I bought him a Thornton’s Mint Easter Egg (£6 from Tesco) and he bought me a Lindt Stracciatella Easter Egg (£8 from Tesco) which I know we will enjoy eating over the next few days. I am lucky as at aged 32 mum still buys me an egg – this year it was a Cadbury’s Mini Egg one.

It got me thinking about how much I love chocolate. I have always loved chocolate and have always had a sweet tooth. At one of my previous jobs they used to call me Willy Wonka’s long-lost daughter as I had a stash of sweets and chocolate in my drawer. When I was younger we used to visit my grandparents every Sunday and they had a jar of sweet treats that my brother and I used to raid – I always had the chocolate option. There is just something about a bar of chocolate that raises the spirits and makes me feel better and given my on-going love of chocolate – I thought I would share with you my top ten favourites ever chocolate bars:

  1. Cadbury’s Wispa: This is by far my favourite ever bar of chocolate. Its bubbly and just tastes amazing. I was lucky as when I went to Cadbury World (the best museum in the country because let’s face it – they make chocolate therefore it’s a no-brainer is the best) I saw them making the Wispa Bars. They did discontinue the bar in 2003 however it made a come back in 2008 and thankfully its still around now.
  2. Cadbury’s Crunchie: I love a crunchie – especially when its been in the fridge and the chocolate on the outside is cold and hard. There is just something about the toffee honeycomb inside as well as it just melts in your mouth!
  3. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk: Plain and simple yet unbelievably delicious! I love the creamy, milkyness of the Dairy milk and I used to buy a bar on my way home from school, melt it in the microwave and pour some Kellogg’s Rice Krispies/ Cornflakes or Coco pops in and then eat it. Absolutely delicious. Even now when I make chocolate crispy buns I always use Dairy Milk – its just the best!
  4. Cadbury’s Fuse Bar: I absolutely loved this chocolate bar when I was younger. It was solid milk chocolate with nuts, raisins, rice crispies and fudge and it was just the best bar of chocolate around at the time. I was gutted when they discontinued the bar in 2006 – I think they need to bring it back!!!
  5. Nestle Aero: That’s right – another aerated chocolate bar in my top ten. I love the plain version – however they also make it in Mint and Orange flavours as well – which are just as good. They also come in “bubble” formats (small round chocolate balls) and I could eat them all day long!!
  6. Nestle Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit: Not sure there is a better combination than chocolate, biscuit pieces and raisins and this bar is immense!!
  7. Mars Maltesers Teasers Bar: Its just Maltesers but in chocolate bar format. Absolutely delicious and so tasty – especially the crisp Malteser pieces inside.
  8. Lindt Lindor Milk Orange Bar: So delicious and tasty it just melts in your mouth and the creaminess of the centre just explodes the lovely orange flavour for a taste sensation. It’s just delicious and I always pick one up when I am out shopping as it feels more luxurious.
  9. Green and Black’s Milk Chocolate: I have written about this before in a previous blog (February favourites) but I love this chocolate so much – as not only is it organic, its also enriched with 37% cocoa which is why it tastes so intense. I would recommend this to anyone.
  10. Cadbury’s Flake: This is the crumbliest chocolate around and tastes amazing! It tastes even better in a 99p ice cream (it’s not actually 99p) with a wafer cone and vanilla flavoured ice cream – such a treat on a hot summer’s day!

So, there you go – from one chocoholic to another – that’s a list of my top ten favourite chocolate bars. I would love to know what yours are.

Until next time

Katie x x x



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